HCM Professional and reputable making wooden pallet service in Vietnam

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    Making wooden pallet in Red Ant makes it simple in the production process, competitive cost and quality guaranteed absolutely during use.

    Carrying many years of practical experience in making wooden pallet service with imported materials, Red Ant is currently providing professional and reputable making wooden pallet service in Vietnam.

    We have a team of experienced workers under strict and strict control, and professionally trained, we ensure the process of closing high quality making wooden pallet for customers.

    Some pictures of making wooden pallet:



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    Hanoi: Lot CN2 - Ngoc Hoi Industrial Park - Thanh Tri H. - Hanoi

    Ho Chi Minh City: 858 / 20A QL 1A, P. Binh Tri Dong A, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

    Tel - Hanoi: 024.3576.3567 0914.72.99.11 - Hotline: 0913.06.35.90

    Tel - HCM: 028.6683.2326 - Hotline: 0963.21.21.27

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